DIY Mobile Bumper Plate Storage

        For anyone looking for an inexpensive way to store and move your barbell plate collection, before, during, or after your workout, this is a great DIY project. Very inexpensive, doesn't take much time, and the results are definitely worth the effort.


Lumber 1-2x6x12 and 1-2x6x10

2" and 3" Deck Screws

5" Wheels- 3 Swivel and 1 Swivel with brake.

Pre-Stain and Stain of your choice.

Halfway through building I realized I wanted a bigger area to hold the metal 10's, 5's, and 2.5's, so if I did it all over again, the easiest and most effective dimensions and cuts would be as follows.

3- 36 1/2".  Two of these pieces make up the sides and the last supports the plates from underneath. Some other racks I've seen don't use a bottom support, and the plates are pinched or wedged into place.  Using a support, the plates are much easier to lift out of the rack.  

9-16 1/2"-   These are the cross-members and while this length should work for most plates, it'd be worth checking the difference between yours and the Rogue HG Set.  Specs 2-45's, 2-35's, 2-25's, 2-10's each roughly 17 3/4" in diameter. 

Leaving an 1/8" gap between the cross-member and the bumper plate, allows for easy loading and unloading of the plates.  

After cutting and drilling the pieces together, I installed the wheels, one having a brake option to keep the rack from rolling away. Depending on how level your surface is, you may want all of your wheels to feature a brake. 

Lastly, I added a Pre-Stain then a Stain to protect the wood and leave a nice finish. 

Good luck on your future projects and hope this helped!





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