DIY Pipe Furniture- Glass Coffee Table

Pipe Furniture?

Black Iron pipe to be exact. This DIY furniture build has been very popular lately and when Your Daily Upgrade headquarters needed a new coffee was game on. 

What Can I Build?

DIY experts and amateurs have been building everything from kitchen tables and standing desks to coffee makers and candelabras. 

What Tools Do I Need?

The beauty is you don't need very much. Cleanings supplies and maybe a pair of large pliers. 

Cleaning Supplies?

Everything about this build was easy, except for cleaning the grease, dirt, and stickers off these pipes.  This is very time consuming, so pump up the jams or start a podcast and go to work. Following recommendations from Home Made Modern, who is a giant in this sphere of DIY furniture, I used Mineral Spirits to clean the pipes, and then sealed/protected them with Minwax Paste Finishing Wax. 

Are The Supplies Cheap?

Not like you'd think. Thankfully, I was given the glass, but all the pipes and fittings added up quickly. Here's the price breakdown:

Pipes and fittings= $125  

Cleaning supplies (gloves, mineral spirits, paint rags)= $15

Minwax Protectant Wax= $10

What Exactly Do I Need?

This stand was to hold a 2'x4' piece of glass. To make things easier I used all 1" fittings and pipe sourced from Home Depot.

Equipment List...


4- 1" Floor Flange  (used to support glass)
6- 1" Tee Fitting  (connects the pipe)
4- 1" Cap   (contacts the floor)
4- 1"x5" pipe (vertical upper H)
4- 1"x6" pipe (horizontal H)
4- 1"x8" pipe  (vertical lower H)
1- 1"x24" pipe (H connecter) 
1 can- Minwax Paste Finishing Wax (Protect/Seal)
1 can- Odorless Mineral Spirits  (Clean)
1 pack- Paint Rags (To apply Spirits and Wax)
1 pack of 16- rubber pads (for use between glass and metal flange)

Final Notes

-Inspiration and education for this build came largely from aforementioned Home Made Modern
-Pipe Cleaning Video----> Click 
-Wooden Coffee Table---> Click  
-Peeling the pipe labels can be made easier by using a hairdryer or heat gun. The heat loosens the adhesive and makes removing them a bit easier. 
-Although not the Most budget conscious project, if you already have the mineral spirits, wax, gloves, and an old t-shirt, it's really not that expensive. Fun build and something you can easily accomplish in a few hours. 

Any questions please feel free to comment below!